Sie ist vielleicht die beste Elektra des vergangenen Jahrzehnts (und womöglich sogar auch des nächsten) *Opernwelt April 2010


Janice Baird's Brünnhilde had a Katherine Hepburn allure and lustruous tone - Opera News


SALOME in PARIS: Being in magnificent vocal shape, the American singer conquered her audience with her at once daring and supple instrument as well as her expressive and subtle singing  - Opéra


Janice Baird as Isolde has extremely vast range accompanied by such volume

as to make her  a force of nature - Secolo di Italia


 Janice Baird voice has something captivating,

which is crowned by a top as glorious as her stage prescence is radiant  - La Figaro

  Janice Baird as a radiantly secure Brünnhilde - International Herald Tribune


Janice Baird sings Ortrud in Lohengrin May 13, 15, 17 and 19 at L'Opéra de Rouen

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